The Wedding Process

A Step-by-Step Guide to Organising an Official Wedding Ceremony

There are four key steps that need to be taken to ensure that your marriage ceremony runs smoothly and is officially recognised by New Zealand Law.

I recommend starting the process as early as eighteen (18) months but no later than two (2) months before your wedding day.

  1. Introductory Meeting
  2. Planning & Documentation Meeting
  3. Rehearsal and/or Final Meeting
  4. The Wedding Ceremony
Bay of Islands wedding celebrant / mariage celebrant Pete Gentil
  1. Introductory Meeting

The first step of the wedding process is meeting with me in person to get to know each other.  This is an obligation free meeting at either your home or mine, or a mutually convenient location.  Here we will discuss your initial wedding plans, the location, date and time of the marriage and I can answer any questions you may have regarding the ceremony and legal requirements.  We can also start to plan the ceremony and any special requirements and rituals you may desire.  This is a great opportunity to get a feel for my style and personality so you can decide if I am the right celebrant for you.

  1. Planning & Documentation Meeting

If you decide that you would like me to officiate your ceremony, I will then book in another face-to-face meeting to assist you with the required legal paperwork and we can start creating your perfect wedding ceremony!  I can provide you with samples, templates and ideas that follow the traditional wedding order of service.  Alternatively, you can be as creative as you want and we can put together a ceremony incorporating your own ideas and personality as a couple.

We will consider the following factors:

  • The feel and look of your ceremony
  • The venue (indoor vs outdoor, and ‘Plan B’ options)
  • Music
  • Readings or poems
  • Vows (official words)
  • Rings
  • Special ceremonies and rituals
  • Participant involvement

Once we have gathered your ideas and my suggestions, I will draw up a draft ceremony.  Over the months leading up to your wedding day, I will be in contact with you via phone and email to fine tune the details of your ceremony.

An initial deposit of $100 is payable at this time either by cash or direct bank transfer.  This is to secure your wedding day booking.

  1. Rehearsal and/or Final Meeting

I highly recommend holding a wedding rehearsal – it will allow all the key participants to get an idea of what to expect on the day, and to make sure any traditional or complex ceremonies to go smoothly.  If possible, it would be ideal to have the rehearsal at the same venue that the ceremony will take place.

Closer to the wedding day, we will arrange a final meeting to:

  • Check that we have all the legal paperwork received and processed
  • Co-ordinate the entrance music to the bridal party entry.
  • Run through the finished ceremony which will be performed for your wedding and given to you as an attractively printed booklet to keep as a memento of the day. This can all be done at the rehearsal if you choose to have one.
  1. The Wedding Ceremony

On the wedding day, all the stress of planning and preparing for the ceremony will be out of the way, and it will be your time to enjoy what you created!  Rest assured, I will do everything I can to make it truly memorable.

If you would like further information please contact me .