Your Wedding Ceremony

I  offer a personal, informal wedding service but I am happy to also follow more formal ceremonies with their traditional etiquette if you wish. Whatever your wishes and values I help you guidance in crafting your wedding ceremony to create one which is memorable and personal to you.

I’ll provide an information pack which includes a booklet of wedding ceremonies and readings presented in different sections so that you can choose those parts which have the most meaning for you as well as rewriting and amended sections as required.

Finally these are arranged into the finished ceremony which will be performed for your wedding and given to you as an attractively printed booklet to keep as a memento of the day.

Bay of Islands wedding celebrant / marriage celebrant Lucie Green

What happens during the ceremony?

In New Zealand there is no legal set form for the ceremony, but the following elements must be included:

  • You must marry at one of the places stated on the Marriage Licence, and before the licence expires.
  • The marriage must be solemnised by either a Marriage Celebrant or a Registrar of Marriages.
  • The marriage must be performed in the presence of at least two other witnesses. Witnesses may be any family member or friend. It is not essential for witnesses to be adults, but they must be of an age to understand the significance of the part they are undertaking in the witnessing and recording of the marriage. We can provide witnesses for a couple if they are on their own.
  • Each party must say the words, “I (AB), take you (CD), to be my legal wife/husband” – or words to similar effect.
  • The full names of the bride and bridegroom – as they appear on the Marriage Licence – must be used at some point in the ceremony to clearly identify the bride and bridegroom. Abbreviations and nicknames may then be used in other parts of the ceremony.
  • The couple, the celebrant and the two witnesses must all sign both copies of the Copy of Particulars of Marriage.

If you would like further information please contact me .